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January 9, 2019

Whats the Scoop?

In an intriguing turn of events, there is a developing situation in which information pertaining to the events of 9/11 is being held at ransom.

In a variety of posts by an individual, or group, known as ‘the dark overlord’, it has been stated that they will release information on a tiered system.  By this they mean, as pre-set amounts of BTC are received, certain dockets of information will become available for public viewing.  As the amount of BTC received grows, the information will purportedly get ‘juicier’.

The user indicates that they have managed to attain over 17,000 documents relating to the tragedy, with many of them shedding new light on the incident.

Hacktivists vs Financially Motivated

The individuals releasing the documents clearly indicate that they are simply in this for the money. While some hackers release information from the ‘good of their hearts’, with the intent on exposing corruption, this group is doing so for financial returns. 

There is a difference between ‘hacktivists’ and those simply motivated by money.  The dark overlord makes it clear that he/they are the latter.

Backwards threat?

What is interesting in this situation is the reversal of demands.  Rather than demanding BTC from the parties the information was stolen from, the dark overlord is instead looking to profit from the public.  They will only release the information if they get paid – rather than releasing it if they do not.

By structuring their threats in such a manner, the hackers are banking on the belief that conspiracy theorists are willing to pay more for the content than those that want to keep it hidden.

Quite frankly, it is a deplorable approach, which capitalizes on a tragedy fresh in the minds of many, despite it occurring over 15 years ago.


2019 marks the 18th anniversary of the tragic event.  To this day, much of what transpired is unknown.  This has given rise to many conspiracies throughout the years that have led many to believe the U.S. government self-orchestrated the attack.
While none of these theories have ever been proven, many still believe them to be true.

Open For Business

While 9/11 is the subject here, thedarkoverlord indicates that this is just the tip of the iceberg. In their postings they state, “We have more documents like these from other hacks of ours. If you’re interested in industry specific materials, we can supply them for your purchase. We have dozens of TBs of data from almost all industries! We have everything from customer databases, medical records, credit cards, intellectual property, classified materials, source code, and much more and it’s all for sale.”

A ‘Reassuring’ Overlord

The conveyance of trust comes across as peculiar, coming from an individual/group holding information hostage.  Nevertheless, the darkoverload closes out their statements with the following, “We have a long history of trustworthy negotiations and resolutions with many clients of ours. It’s our goal to be financially compensated before we initiate any brazen actions. You’re motivated by your passions for the truth, and we’re motivated by our passion and love for Bitcoin. Let’s come to together and meet in the middle.”

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